To translate the marketing content from Western into Chinese with local flavour.


To fulfil the Chinese regulatory requirements of import, product labelling; Ship the goods into China.


To register and decorate a Webstore and market the brands and products.

Last Mile Fulfilment

To manage the inventory, deliver the goods and provide after-sales customer services.

Available services

  • e-Marketing

    Wechat/Weibo/Baidu/website, roadshow, package design, souvenir, spokespersons (KOL), etc.Continue Reading

  • Logistics

    We use SAP system to manage the inventory, goods picking & packing, and return goods, Pick, label and pack the inventoried goods for customs clearance, tax payment, regulatory compliance and goods delivery within 48 hours.Continue Reading

  • Customer Services

    12x7 multi-channel customer support. Pre-sales inquiries. Post-sales customer support. Continue Reading

  • Quality Assurance

    Our QC has obtained an internationally accredited ISO-17025 license and also granted a few patents for its innovative speed testing methods to test the toxic heavy metals including lead, mercury, cadmium and others. Continue Reading

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